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The New

Sidewinder XPR

  • 12 HP ATC Air Cooled Spindle
  • Upgradable robotics and Functions
  •  2000” Rapid Machine Speed
  • Tool Changer changes tools in just 8 Seconds!
  • 8-Beam Cross Braced all Steel Frame
  • Dual Layer, High Flow Vacuum System
  • 19″ Control Panel Screen

Build your Own

Design your custom Sidewinder XPR! Select your specs and send it to our engineers.

Production Saving Automation

Designed for heavy duty speed and ease of use the Sidewinder XPR boost the latest features in CNC technology. Built on the engineered, 8-beam, crossed braced frame and weighing 4900 lbs the Sidewinder offers our new Precision Cut and Rotary automated ATC 8-Tool carousal (upgradable to 24 tool ATC). With tool changes under 8 seconds, cutting speeds of over 1400 inches per minute and a rapid travel of 2000 inches per minute your SXP will complete the most complex multi-tool tasks efficiently. The Sidewinder is designed for the new user-friendly standard, boost the latest features including a 12HP air cooled spindle, Syntec 4E control center, Pop up pins, Zoned vacuum table with T-slot, auto lubrication and the latest architecture in CNC technology. Grow as go expandability at any time, add a robotic arm material unloader and laser guided unloading table (options and upgrades available).

Sidewinder XPR Features

  • Over 90 sheets per day production
  • Automatic material unloading
  • Drill Block and robotic printing Installation Anytime
  • Unloading Conveyor option anytime
  • Material Alignment Pins with high flow vacuum
  • Blazing Fast automatic tool changes
  • 3rd generation Robotics with virtual support
  • Hands free operations between sheets

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