Lockdowel LDR

The New

Scorpion LDR

  • Designed for Lockdowel
  • 4 auto sensing working zones
  • Manual or robotic modes
  • Dedicated Delta servos
  •  Lockdowel clips and spring pin storage provides nonstop production
  • Single person ergonomic designed
  • laser light measurements

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Lockdowel Robotic Insertion

The CNC Factory Scorpion LDR, designed for Lockdowel, provides the robust efficiency between CNC production and assembly.  With the fastest cycle times, laser sensing material, 3 axis and robotic loading, your manufacturing will be faster, easier and more precise by drilling and inserting the Lockdowel products. It is perfect for cabinets, drawer boxes, closets, desks, solid wood furniture and many other applications assembled at your factory or flat packed for easy transportation.

Scorpion A100 Features

  • Designed for LockDowel products with integrated 3rd generation robotics 
  • Laser guided robotic measuring
  • Dual 2HP 2400 RPM air cooled spindle
  • High capacity adjustable material hold down
  • 96″ material working capacity insures one machine for all material sizes
  • Advance wireless bar code reader

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