Thermofoil Press

The New

Cyclone 4896

  • Automated Heating Vacuum Forming and Cooling Provess
  • Small Footprint with Mobile Base
  • Push-in Digital Controls
  • Integrated Heat Sensors for Accurate & Even Heating
  • Automated Vertical Shell
  • Digital PLC Monitor
  • 1 Button Operation
  • Custom Sizing 
  • Efficient Heating Lamps

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Powerful & Mobile 3D Pressing

CNC Factory’s Cyclone 4896 boosts the latest automation for short-cycle 3D pressing. From commercial to residential processing including kitchen cabinet doors, closet doors, store fixtures and office furniture tops. The integrated digital conrtols allows allow for single person production over 300 pieces per 8 hour shift. Easy to operate, one button digital monitor insures fast and easy production at your facility from day one. The Cyclone was designed as a powerful but mobile footprint in your production process, allowing the latest CNC to press technology capability and opportunities. The Cyclone 4896 can produce virtually any 3D shape using PVC sheets, rigid sheets, PS sheets, acrylic, ABS and wood veneers.

Cyclone 4896 Demo

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