Product Spotlight

  • Automatic loading of material no lifting!
  • Automatic Laser robotic measuring
  • Single person Ergonomic operation
  • 4 stations up to 96” Material capacity
  • Automated LockDowel insertion

CNC Machines

Fully automatic processing including loading and unloading tables

Robust with 3rd generation robotics and fast processing speeds

Powerful and Easy to use including wireless controls and the smallest foot print


Powerful 6 station with independent operations with multi speed control

Smallest foot print in the industry boosting 5 independent stations

Lockdowel LDR

Revolutionizes the Cabinet Assembly process with the robotic LDR

Thermofoil Press

Full featured RTF door and parts production in a small foot print

Vacuum Pump


Oil-less rotary vane vacuum pumps with carbon vanes Technology

CNC Factory Technology introducing

Laser Height Control

Laser Height Control Technology provides accurate depth of cut operations during the CNC machining process.  Wood, Plastic and other materials that naturally have high and lows can now have consistent and accurate cutting depths.  The Laser Height Control is installed on the spindle and uses a laser beam to record current top of material over 2,500 times per second.  This gives the precise location, in real time, of top of material.  LHC Technology opens new opportunities for mass production and a quality assurance for depth of cut. 

We provide the best in industry

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