CNC Router

The New

Python XPR

  • 12 HP HSD Air-Cooled Spindle
  • 12-Tool Rapid Fire, Rotary Tool Changer
  • Tool Changer changes tools in just 4 seconds!
  • Delta Helical Rack & Pinion Gearing
  • Dual-Layer, High-Flow Vacuum System
  • Manual or Robotic Mode
  • Robotic Loading Table – No heavy lifting!

Build your Own

Design your custom Python XPR! Select your specs and send it to our engineers.

Fully Robotic. Fully Customizable.

The Python XPR is a production powerhouse designed for factory profitability, speed, and ease of use– boosting the latest robotics in CNC technology.  The HSD 12HP spindle and rotary ATC 12-Tool carousel produces rapid travel of over 2,500 inches per minute. The Python will complete the long complex multi-tool tasks efficiently from one sheet to 50 sheets automatically at a push of a button.  The XPR series is designed for the new ergonomic, user-friendly standard with only 1 operator– eliminating the physical attributes that go hand in hand with high output sheet fabrication.

Python XPR Features

  • No heavy lifting!
  • 1 Operator Savings
  • Up to 50 sheets per cycle
  • Automated hands-free loading
  • Robotic material alignment
  • Fast, automatic tool changes
  • Automated unloading conveyor
  • Hands-free operations between sheets

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