The New

Python XPR

  • 12 HP HSD Air Cooled Spindle
  • 12 Tool Rapid Fire Rotary Tool Changer
  • Tool Changer changes tools in just 4 seconds!
  • Direct Helical Rack & Pinion Gearing
  • Dual Layer, High Flow Vacuum System
  • Manual or Robotic Mode
  • Robotic Loading/Unloading – No heavy lifting!

CNC Routers


CNC Insertion

Thermolfoil Press

Welcome To The CNC Factory Experience

CNC Factory is making CNC automation happen for small shops to large factories across America. Built with a no-compromise philosophy it’s our goal to help our customers achieve more in less time with superior output in product quality, reduced labor and opportunity.

World class CNC Machines with 3rd generation robotic technology

Powerful and compact for any size shop

Bring 3D lamination in-house with our affordable membrane press

Revolutionizing manufacturing for closets, cabinets and furniture.

We are the only CNC machine company to offer the “Grow as you Grow” CNC center under $50K using the lastest robotic technology. Our mission is to make the CNC automation as common place as a table saw.

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Our Standard Features:

  • Award Winning Support
  • World Class Quality
  • Customized Factory Builds
  • Guaranteed Financing

Customer Reviews

Here’s what our customers are saying about us:

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"Honesty is what I wanted…Honesty and great service is what I got!"

Jacob Summers

San Clemente, CA

"Me and my guys go home on time, doubled production and all with no back pain from lifting material!"

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