The Lockdowel

Scorpion LDR

  • Reduce assembly time by over 50%
  • Rapid production with 4 stations
  • Offer “Flat Pack” shipping
  • Easy touch screen controls
  • Bar code reader insures fast and accurate
  • Automated Loading – No heavy lifting!

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Fully Robotic Fully Customizable

Producing products with the Scorpion LDR and Lockdowel is simple and profitable. With a growing software integration, CNC Factory and Lockdowel are fully integrated into popular wood working software such as Cabinet Vision, Mozaik, Top Solid, Solid Works, Microvellum, imos and more. The Scorpion LDR finished products just slide or snap panels together. Fasteners are completely hidden when fully assembled. Get beautiful seamless looks while eliminating the need for glue, water and clamping.

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Scorpion LDR Features

  • Designed for LockDowel products with integrated 3rd generation robotics
  • Laser guided robotic measuring for unmatched production and accuracy
  • Duel 2HP 2400 RPM air cooled spindles with auto sensing and auto positioning
  • High capacity adjustable material hold down with (8) 70 degree pneumatic clamps
  • 4 auto sensing working zones and 2 dedicated spindles insures top level production
  • 96″ material working capacity insures one machine for all material sizes
  • Dedicated Delta servos, inverter and gear reducing that’s offers exciting and fast accuracy
  • Dual large capacity Lockdowel clips and spring pin storage provides nonstop production
  • Advance wireless bar code reader keeps operations simple and accurate
  • Single person ergonomic designed working area with robotic material loading
  • User friendly screen controls with manual or robotic modes including laser light measurements. 6500 lb. Heavy weight, solid structure, welded tubular steel frame including manual pre-stage area.
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