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Python XPR

  • 12 HP HSD Air Cooled Spindle
  • 12 Tool Rapid Fire Rotary Tool Changer
  • Tool Changer changes tools in just 4 seconds!
  • Delta Powered Direct Helical Rack & Pinion Gearing
  • Dual Layer, High Flow Vacuum System
  • Manual or Robotic Mode
  • Robotic loading/unloading– No heavy lifting!

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Fully Robotic Fully Customizable

The Python XPR is the powerhouse designed for factory profitability, speed and ease of use boosting the latest robotics in CNC technology. The HSD 12HP spindle and rotary ATC 12-Tool carousal produces rapid travel of over 1800 inches per minute. The PYTHON will complete the long complex multi-tool tasks efficiently from one sheet to 50 sheets automatically at a push of a button. The XPR series is designed for the new ergonomic, user-friendly standard with only 1 operator eliminating the physical attributes that go hand in hand with high output sheet fabrication.

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Python XPR Features

  • No heavy Lifting!
  • 1 Operator Savings
  • Up to 50 sheets per cycle
  • Automated hands free loading
  • Robotic material Alignment
  • Fast automatic tool changes
  • Automated unloading conveyor
  • Hands free operations between sheets
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