Easy Pay


We made the Easy Pay program simple and straight forward to qualify. Unlike traditional financing, we do not use your credit score or business financials. To qualify, you need the following:

  1. Have an established business
  2. Have a business location
  3. Have a business bank account

Simply fill out the Easy Pay application and return it to us. It usually takes about 3 days to set up your account. During this time we will put your order on the production schedule to speed up delivery of your new equipment and schedule training if needed.

No, with Easy Pay there are no upfront cost or hidden fees. When you submit your application you will need a $500 deposit that will go towards your down payment. If your application is not approved we will return 100% of your deposit within 3 days.

Some machines, that meet your requirements, we have in stock and can ship the next day. However most machines are built to your size and specifications. Our factory production time is normally 4 – 6 weeks. We work on a first in, first out production cycle and will let you know before your order is placed current production time.

Yes, you can purchase machines from CNC Factory and save with our factory direct prices. Some customers like using Easy Pay or traditional financing with monthly installment options for their business.

No, unlike traditional leasing there is no buy-out at the end of your installments. Ownership title of your equipment will be delivered to you within 14 days after your last installment.

Yes, financing equipment costs more than an outright purchase. Like financing a car the bank makes money from each loan. The Easy Pay program works very similar but with some added bonuses for your business. Easy Pay, unlike car loans, are designed to help your business grow, be more productive and make money. In addition, Easy Pay equipment purchases also comes with a early pay off discounts.

Yes, with Easy Pay you can pay off your balance at any time and also receive a 15% discount off your complete open balance. Our pre-payment discount is a big savings and puts money back in your business.

No, each machine is designed specifically for your business and can be customized to meet your current and future growth. We have complete system packages that cover many customers’ needs and we can add, change or design a perfect machine for your business needs.

Yes, the Easy Pay allows new and existing business’s a great opportunity to obtaining new machinery to help grow and capture new markets. Easy Pay requires that you have an established business, have a business location and have a business bank account.

No, your Easy Pay equipment has a 3 year support program included.