CNC Routers

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The VIPER XP is our powerhouse of entry level heavy duty CNC processing centers.  Designed for ease of use and “plug and play” installation, the compact footprint of the VIPER XP is fully loaded with all the bells and whistles that keeps the VIPER XP the leading contender for wood and plastic shops.  Weighing in at 4000lbs this machine packs a punch with a 10HP air cooled spindle, 8 tool ATC auto tool changer to handle your most complex cutting tasks, built in tool length sensor, 900 inches per minute cutting speed with 1200 inches rapid travel.  Built-in machine lubrication system and zoned vacuum table with T-Slots.  The VIPER XP includes the user friendly PC front end control center, built in printing capabilities and hand held controller. Loading of material is accurate every time with built in pop up pins and controllable dust hood.

(options and upgrades available)

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SIDEWINDER XPR is designed for heavy duty speed and ease of use boosting some the latest features in CNC technology. Built on the expertly engineered, 8-beam, crossed braced frame and weighing 4200 lbs the SXPR offers our new Precision Cut and rapid Rotary Changing ATC 8-Tool carousal (upgradable to 24 tool ATC). With tool changes in under 8 seconds, cutting speeds of over 1400 inches per minute and a rapid travel of 2200 inches per minute your SXPR will complete the most complex multi tool tasks efficiently. The new SXPR is available with robotic Un-Loading and is designed for the new user friendly standard that boost the latest features including a 12HP air cooled spindle, Syntec control center , Pop up pins, dual layered zoned hi flow vacuum table, auto lubrication with the latest architecture in CNC technology.

Sidewinder XPR (Robotic) Brochure

Sidewinder XPR (Robotic) Layout


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The Sidewinder XP with Precision Cut includes the high efficiency 8-tool rotary disc mixed magazine on gantry with blazing fast tool changing under 8 seconds.  From easy to complex processing tasks the latest rotary ATC will keep your operation efficient and at peak performance. The Sidwinder XP is upgradable to 24 tools and drill block.

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Multiple materials and patterns requiring multiple tools is no problem, The VIPER XP is equipped with automatic 8-tool linier tool changer.   Your complex programs won’t slow you down. With 15 second tool changes, the Viper series will keep your production moving.

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CNC Factory Viper XP and Sidewinder XP are both equipped with power air cooled spindles. HQD-USA is Internationally recognized for its quality, reliability and consistent performance during the most demanding enviroments. Powered with the industry leader Delta inverter and Delta servo drive system is the basis for our high speed “Precision Cut “. Fast, Powerful and there when you need it performance is what we put under our hood. 1,000 to 24,000 RPM with ceramic bearings. All this with built in energy saving power and fast ATC changeovers.

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CNC Factory Viper and Sidewinder frame is engineered, 8-beam, crossed braced with 6 independent columns. Precession welded compact foot print designed for the most aggressive environments. All frames are stress and annealed during fabrication insuring improved machinablity and accuracy. The attention to frame design and production is the foundation of our heavy duty 4000 lbs CNC machines. Standard table sizes : 48” x 96” , 48” x 120’ and 60” x 120”  Custom sizes available.

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Now loading your materials is fast and accurate with CNC Factory Machines. The pneumatic material push up pins is a standard feature and included on all Viper and Sidewinder CNC machines. Designed for the new user-friendly standard, the push up pins are controlled with a convenient foot pedal for the operator to efficiently load material at the correct position, saving material, increasing production and insuring precise flip operations.


Powerful but easy to operate  industrial control center gives you ease of use with a 19″ screen, easy to operate controls. Changing tools, measuring and production file operations are truly a one button operation including file transfers via USB, and ethernet. MPG hand held control unit gives you flexibility to move, change spindle and cutting speeds on the fly. Runs industry standard G-Code and is compatible with virtually all cad cam software packages.

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No more manual tool measuring with CNC Factory Machines. The auto tool length measuring sensor is a standard feature and included on all Viper and Sidewinder CNC machines. Designed for the new user-friendly standard, measuring your router bits is an efficient process with repositioning accuracy of .0001” and a 3 million touch life.

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It’s what’s behind the closed doors that really matter. CNC Factory is proud to show off our components and the backbone to our dedication to a superior product and seamless support. With world class manufactures such as Schneiider, Siemens, ABB, Honeywell and Omron. CNC Factory installs leading manufacturing components for continuos operation and easy replaceable if the need every arises.

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CNC Factory Viper and Sidewinder CNC machines are built with ease of operation and maintenance in mind, including a integral lubrication system.. Designed for the new user-friendly standard there is no more forgetting to lubricate all areas and damaging your equipment or performance.

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With different cutting and material configurations, CNC Factory Viper and Sidewinder CNC machines are built using the latest technology independently zoned vacuum bed with integrated T-slots. Each zone is independently controlled giving the user maximum holding power with multiple production configurations and remnet material usage. With integrated pop up pins accuracy in loading and machining hold down at the highest level.

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Powerful precession Delta servos and drive system are used exclusively on all CNC Factory XP Machines.  750W Drive system offers the accurate resolution control, especially at high speeds and faster positioning times with controlled algorithms. Using the same industrial leading servos and drive system allows a for consistent partnership and accurate positioning.  20-bit high resolution absolute encoders enures smoother operation during acceleration and deceleration at the same time preventing vibration and shorter position settling times.

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Rack and pinion gear movement on X and Y axes with precision-ground ball screw on Z axis are used exclusively on all CNC Factory XP Machines. Viewed as the top of the line system offering the highest resolution control especially at high speeds with faster and smoother travel positioning times with precision linear guide rails on all axes. Acceleration and deceleration operations and accurate positioning within +/- .001” are delivered in every cut.